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About China's Economy & Policy
China’s Economy & Policy (CEP) is the flagship publication of Gateway International. It offers unparalleled knowledge and insider expertise at your finger tips. We provide critical economic analysis, policy insights and expert advice to support business decision-making in China. Download Brochure
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What Makes Us Distinct
China’s Economy and Policy (CEP) is closely affiliated with Chinese government institutions and authoritative research agencies which enables us to give clients the most up-to-date and accurate intelligence about economic developments as well as policy predictions.
Based on proprietary knowledge, China’s Economy and Policy (CEP) delivers reliable economic and policy expertise on over 15 strategic sectors (listed below) in the Chinese market as well as their impact around the globe.
We provide clients with uniquely integrated service combining both our monthly publication of consulting reports -- over 12 high quality reports covering key economic, industry and policy topics (listed below) and ad-hoc tailored research and consulting projects to serve specific requests.

Core strategic partner:
The Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS, 中国社会科学院) is the “think-tank” for the Chinese government and strategic corporations. Its Research Base for Industrial Finance (RBIF, 中国社会科学院产业金融研究基地, http://www.rbif.org.cn), a team of top-tier economists and industry experts, works together with us to provide clients with exclusive “Insiders’ Insights” into the economy, industries and policies, to enable you to successfully develop business opportunities in China and overseas.

Key members:

Dr. Li Yang
Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS); a former member of the Monetary Policy Committee of People's Bank of China; Chairman, academic committee of Research Base for Industrial Finance (RBIF) . Dr. Li has significant influence on the economic development in China and the globe. He is delegated as nonvoting attendee in regular meeting of State Council (国务院常务会议列席成员). He participates in decision-makings and formulates strategies on important financial and economic issues both national and international. Dr. Li has strong connections with senior government officers from various countries and leaders of financial institutions such as IMF, World Bank, OECD, Asian Development Bank, Central Banks, etc. He is also frequently invited as key note speaker in World Economic Forum and as featured economist by Bloomberg, "Financial Times" and "Wall Street Journal". Dr. Li was a visiting professor in Columbia University and is a professor in top-tier universities as Peking and Tsinghua University.
Dr. Wang Guogang
Director General of the Institute of Finance & Banking, CASS; Director of the board, RBIF. Dr. Wang was senior advisor for over 10 government institutions focusing on financial industry reform and development. He also played managing director roles for over 40 corporations handling IPO, Mergers & Acquisitions and organization restructurings.
Dr. Jin Bei
Director General of Institute of Industrial Economics, CASS; Deputy director of the board, RBIF. Dr. Jin was invited by UC Berkley in US as visiting professor and also is a professor in top-tier universities in China. Dr. Jin is president of "China Business Journal" and "China Economist".
Dr. Yang Tao
Director General of RBIF; Secretary General, Research Center of Financial Policy, CASS. Dr. Yang has active connections with senior officers from international financial institutions including Federal Reserve, Congress of United States, Parliament of UK, Reserve Bank of Australia, European Central Bank, etc. Dr. Yang was invited by Australia Academy of Social Science as visiting scholar. Dr. Yang was previously engaged in senior management roles in investment banks, commercial banks and provincial governments. His key research areas include fiscal policy, monetary theory and policy, investment and finance, financial markets and innovation, rural finance, and etc. He holds PhD in economics and postdoctoral degree in management.

Other Members

The Advisory Board:

Shamus MOK
Former Director, McKinsey Knowledge Center China
China Banking Regulatory Commission
Director of The China Center, Rollins College; Visiting Scholar & Asia Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
Managing Director, Goshawk Strategies; Chenco Holdings
Managing Director, Mandarin Capital; former professor, the University of Bologna
Chief Economist for Emerging Markets, BBVA; Visiting professor, the University of Hong Kong
President of The Oxford Institute for Economic Policy; former member of the Executive Boards of the IMF and the World Bank; Senior Fellow, the Brookings Institution
Chief Economist for Asia Pacific, NATIXIS
London School of Economics and Political Science; Academic Director of the TRIUM Global EMBA (by LSE, NYU Stern, and HEC Paris)
Former Chief Economist & Vice President, Riyad Bank

Macro economy
Monetary policy
Foreign reserves
RMB exchange rate and internationalization
Fiscal policy and taxation reform
Private capital and investment
Going global strategy

Hot money
Financial supervision reform
International/overseas investment
Financial and banking risk
Capital markets
Regional development
Rural economy
Income distribution and social welfare

Financial services
Renewable energy
Strategic emerging industries
Low carbon economy
New energy automobiles
High tech
Real estate
Energy (oil, coal, natural gas)

Electrical power
Iron and steel
Equipment manufacturing
Metal and mining
Public sector
Social sector